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Texas Revolution
Near the beginning of the Texas Revolution, General Santa Anna, with several hundred Mexican troops by his side, was riding along and below a mountain ridge line.
Santa Anna noticed a single Texan up on the mountain top giving them the finger, so he sent 5 of his soldiers to take care of the lone Texan.
The Mexican soldiers ran up and over the hill as the lone Texas ran down the back side.
For the next few minutes all Santa Anna could see was a cloud of dust arising from the back side of the hill.
After the dust settled, Santa Anna saw the lone Texan once again atop the hill giving him the finger.
Angrier than before, Santa Anna sent a dozen of his troops to take care of the one Texan.
Again the Mexican troops chase the lone Texan up and down the back sideĀ  of the hill.
Thirty minutes later as the dust again settles, there's that lone Texan giving them the finger.
"Enough of this", Santa Anna says to himself as he orders 100 of his Mexican soldiers to, once and for all, get rid of that single Texan.
And as before the Mexican troops chase the Texan up, then down the back side of that hill.
After an hour or so, Santa Anna sees one of his Mexican soldiers crawling out from under the dust at the top of the hill, waving his arms andĀ  shouting "Go back! It's a trap! There's two of them!"

Moral of the story: Santa Anna finally took care of that Texan at the Alamo.

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