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unit patch July 19 2021
Name: David E Bedard
Unit: 57th AHC Operations
Location: Tampa, Florida
Comment: It has been a long time. I was a specialist 4 and continued for 29 years retiring on 1 Oct 99 as a Signal CW3. I hope to make the reunion this year.

July 03 2021
Name: James Forshee
Location: Bowling Green
Comment: Hey Gladiators have a safe and. Happy 4th.

February 15 2021
Name: Robert Madich
Location: DULUTH
Comment: What’s the latest news on the Ft Rucker monument?

unit patch January 19 2021
Name: Gaylon Amen
Unit: 57th AHC (brother)
Location: Albany, Oregon
Comment: This is message to the 57th AHC unit to let them know that my older brother Larry Blakley passed away on January 27, 2017 from pancreatic cancer. He was stationed at Kontum as a crew chief from 1967-1969 I believe. He was a proud vet all his life and told me many stories. I have a letter he sent home right after the Jaunary 10th attack telling about it I'd like to share if somebody can give me an email I can send a photo copy of it to them. He was only 19 and it's very special. Best wishes, Gaylon Amen.

unit patch January 10 2021
Name: Bryan
Unit: 57th AHC
Comment: All gave some, some gave all!

unit patch January 06 2021
Name: John Sanford
Unit: 57th AHC 68-69,
Location: Capitan, NM
Comment: Happy New Year and stay safe.

unit patch January 03 2021
Unit: 57TH
Location: WATAUGA TX
Comment: i was told about a book called uncommon valor recon company that won 5 medal of honor by stephen l moore it told about 57ths 167 getting shot down nov,68 the whole story was bull shit and false i know because i was crew chief it did not mention my name thank god i am not connected to this false story only thing true was we got shot down to set one part of the story right door gunner was bobby gilmore not robert wayne gil more he was on loan from 4th inf he was not on 57th roster

unit patch December 24 2020
Unit: 57TH
Location: WATAUGA TX
Comment: merry christmas 68 was the first time and last time i was not home for christmas

December 24 2020
Name: James Forshee
Unit: 57 AHC
Location: Bowling Green
Comment: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 57th members. God Bless you all. Remember the ones that didn't make it back and the ones that have passed.

unit patch November 26 2020
Unit: 57TH
Location: WATAUGA TX

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