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July 22 2024
Name: Mike Trulock
Unit: 4th Infantry, 52nd Security, K
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Comment: I was reading the July|August DAV magazine and saw the Reunions page with the 57th AHC meeting Aug 28 - Sept 1. I was Security for that base from 9FEB70 - 21DEC70. WOW, that name 57th AHC brought back some memories. I never got to know any of the helicopter pilots, or crew chiefs or door gunners. We had our duties to perform and stayed in our groups. One of my security buddies did decide to be a door gunner. I know he made it back to the World. I've attached a few pictures from then. I'm sure your group has been sharing their own pictures. Blessings to all of you for what you went through every day after you left for your daily missions. I can only imagine!

unit patch July 17 2024
Name: Jim Carriere
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Fargo,Nd
Comment: A heads up! We blocked of 45 rooms at a discounted rate. That block has been satisfied, meaning we as a reunion are not liable for empty rooms ,which can get expensive to pay for out of the funds. Remember the mail service is not as reliable as before. Examples: : last month Patty and I received in our mail, a forwarding expired from last years reunion invite. 1 year later. Sharon Pagan's invite and registration was not delivered to her.. She had to call in recently. We have a window of opportunity to meet for Caps, Tee-shirts ,and hotel discount . August 1 for registration at hotel. Registration forms for bus tours, meals etc. Thanks! Hope to see you all in August. Jim Carriere 57th AHC Crew-chief- Gunner Kontum 68-69

unit patch June 24 2024
Name: Jim Carriere
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Fargo, Nd
Comment: Registrations are out, if you didn’t get one please request one. We need to have registrations in to schedule the amount of meals , hotel rooms to be blocked off and busses we need on the Gettysburg tours. So please have that in your considerations for the Ladies organizing the reunion. They worked very hard to bring this about to fruition. Thank you! Jim Carriere( CE/gunner) 68-69

March 21 2024
Name: James Atwood
Location: Arlington, Texas
Comment: My father, Russell Atwood, served in 57th AHC in '72.

February 19 2024
Name: Brian Michael
Unit: 57 AHC Gladiators
Location: Farmersville, Ohio
Comment: Anyone know about or heard from Stan Steenbock lately, haven’t heard or read any posts from or about him for quite a while. Brian Michael Gladiator 24 71’/72’

unit patch January 19 2024
Name: Jim Carriere
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Fargo, Nd
Comment: Will the keeper of the internet site put the date of next reunion as August 29-September 1 In Gettysburg Pa I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

Admin: Done.

unit patch January 10 2024
Name: Bryan
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Avon Lake OH
Comment: Remembering 10 Jan 68...those we lost or were wounded. All gave some, some gave all!

unit patch January 03 2024
Name: Vernon M Elder
Unit: 57th ahc
Location: Carthage
Comment: Iwas supply sgt when we closed in 1973. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All have a blessed New Year.

December 20 2023
Name: Matthew Odegard
Unit: Na
Location: Bismarck nd
Comment: My phone # is 701-204-3621 if anyone knew my dad (Robert dale odegard) aka roadgard which he had on his license plate on his truck when he retired from Siemens as a salesman and started with gould who went to I-t-e electrical products then Siemens but the old man stated with the company in the early 70’s as far as I know and retired in 2009 and passed away on march 19th 2010 and my mother and I found him on march 25th a few days later…….im not positive on all the dates and times 100% but from what I can remember I know the old man was in kontum and I possess a zippo lighter that has snoopy sleeping on his dog house with a caption saying (***k it) and on the other side 57 A.H.C and some pictures of the 57th gladiators sign which I assume was taken over there and a bunch of slides he took and one of him in the helicopter as he was a door gunner between 67 and 68 I believe…….

December 20 2023
Name: Matthew Odegard
Unit: Na
Location: Bismarck nd
Comment: My father Robert dale Odegard passed away on march 25th 2010 and he served in the army in Vietnam between 67 and 68 I believe with the 57th airborne helicopter company in I believe kontum Vietnam and I’m trying to contact anyone that may have served with him on this platform.

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