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unit patch January 20 2009
Name: Willie Byrdsong
Unit: 57th Aviation Helicopter Assau
Location: Conyers, GA
Comment: Would like to connect with buddies, Searcy, Hopkins, Koonce, Batten,Few. Rice, Shelton. Find me on pages 50, 51, and 53 of yearbook 57th AHC 1972

unit patch January 19 2009
Name: Robert Lobodzinski
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Keller, TX
Comment: Posting for my Dad who passed away in October '08. He served in '69 and '70 -- went by 'Lobo'. Love to hear from anyone who knew him. Thanks for the great site!

January 18 2009
Name: Vern Elder
Unit: 339 ASD, Dong Ba Thin ATC Towe
Location: Edmonds, WA State USA
Comment: I noted the 57 AHC stayed in Vietnam until Mar 73. Prior to stand down did the 57 AHC move to Ninh Hoa where my unit ended up in 1972? Thanks for your service guys!!!

unit patch January 06 2009
Name: Gerald(Jerry) Woten
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Celina, Ohio
Comment: I am in the yearbook on this web site. Capt Walker was my CO in 1971. I roomed with Ed Manlowski, Thomas Bernal, Billy Davenport, Carl Podinsek and Lea. I was the supply clerk at the hanger.

December 03 2008
Name: David Oneppo
Comment: I think my cousin Capt. Charles David Rogers was in the 57th in 1968?? Cant find his name on your site. he was KIA in 1969..Ive got all of his 35mm sildes form Kontum... Does anyone remember him?? Thanks

November 28 2008
Name: bob thibeault
Unit: 06/69/
Location: havelock
Comment: i have been out of contact with this site for some time for i have been busy with several veterans orginations. i have not heard much about our up coming reumion for 2009 in colorado. i am looking forward on attending. until then i hope you all good health.

unit patch October 25 2008
Name: steve craft
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: corbin ky
Comment: i must be a ghost. i crewed 686 and flew lead and 3 for a time on fob missions.good health to those who read.

unit patch October 16 2008
Name: Michael K. Walters
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Hayesville, NC

unit patch October 06 2008
Name: Kim Dille
Unit: 57th AHC 1st. FLT. 71-72
Location: Atlanta, MO
Comment: I found a few of the crew, but I need more. Kim ( porkythepig )

unit patch June 07 2007
Name: Bob Madich
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Comment: Bob Paxton, Are you from Iowa? I doubt that you remember me, I flew a few missions with you. I crewed Big Al Hemmings bird when he was on a 30 day pass to Ban Me Thuet. Are you going to the reunion in Dayton? If so I will see you there.

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