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June 16 2011
Name: Eugene (Gene) Mertz
Unit: 52nd Security
Location: Omaha, NE
Comment: Great Site. In country April 65-May 66. Attached to 117th Aviation. Worked Security and did outside perimeter patrols. Thanks to those who have worked hard on this site. May those who did not make it home, rest in peace.

unit patch June 15 2011
Name: Dan Rodlin
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Grover Beach California

June 09 2011
Name: Michael
Unit: 125th ATC
Location: Redding CA.
Comment: Worked the tower in Kontum and the airfield in Dak To in 1970 Then Du Co airfield during Cambodian Invasion.

unit patch June 09 2011
Name: Norman P Burke
Unit: 57th AHC, 1st flight
Comment: looking for future reunion info, company patch for jacket / vest. Toured in 1970 as crew chief w/ gunner L. Johnson.

unit patch June 07 2011
Name: Robert "Bob" Martin
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Peoria Arizona
Comment: Served 1970/71 Wounded in action June 4th 1971 in Laos.

unit patch May 31 2011
Name: David E. Bedard
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Foxboro, MA
Comment: 57th AHC operations 09/71 - 09/72

unit patch May 26 2011
Name: Gary E. Wilson
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Richmond Va./now raleigh,n.c.
Comment: hello Gladiators

May 25 2011
Name: Chuck Utzman
Unit: HHC 52nd Avn Bn (Dragon 6 - 19
Location: Denton TX
Comment: Have recently been seriously reminded of my tours in VN - especially with 52nd! Lots of good people and good times. A few not so good on occasion. Wondering if any of you have info on UH1H 68-16197. It is alive and well in Texas. Formerly assigned to 195th AHC. Will appreciate any feedback. Best regards...

unit patch May 03 2011
Name: Dan Vargo
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Sandy, Oregon
Comment: Gladiators/Cougars 1969 - 1970

unit patch April 27 2011
Name: Gerald W. Kelly
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Seminole, Alabama
Comment: Jan 1970 thru Jan 1971

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