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57th Assault Helicopter Co.
57th AHC
Gladiators - Cougars

Gladiator Reunion

15th Biennial Reunion
Houston, TX
October 7-10, 2021

2021 Reunion Has Postponed

Postponement of 2021 57th AHC Reunion OCT 7th - 10th.

Primary reason for postponement is based on a significant change in the local Region’s Health status where Reunion activities were scheduled. The Hotel, the Air Show and NASA tour are all in Harris County. Additionally, most of our membership is in the age group most at risk population.

Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo raised the COVID-19 threat level to “red” on Thursday afternoon, as the COVID-19 delta variant has increased hospitalizations and strained the region’s hospital resources over the past month.

It’s the second time the county has hit its highest threat level. The first time was in June 2020, and lasted until May.

The new advisory (threat level red) indicates that severe and uncontrolled outbreaks are present in the community and worsening, and that the public health capacity in the region is strained or exceeded, Hidalgo said. "It's straining our staff, it's straining our hospitals, and it's imposing heartbreak and anxiety in so many families in Harris County,” Hidalgo said.

The county judge called the latest surge a "perfect storm” of strained staff, a more transmissible virus, and the limited ability for local leaders to implement public health policies.

The delta variant of the coronavirus has spread rapidly throughout the region and across Texas, leading to massive increases in cases and hospitalizations. In Harris County, 25% of ICU patients are being treated for COVID-19, up from 20% on Sunday. The positivity rate in the county is doubling every 1.8 weeks, Hidalgo said.

Dr. Cedric Dark, an emergency room doctor at Harris Health System’s Ben Taub Hospital, told Town Square on Wednesday that LBJ Hospital — also within the system — declared themselves in an internal disaster!

This decision was agreed upon by Jim Carriere, Darrell Anthony, Craig Hedgley and Sam Moore.

I will continue to be the Reunion Coordinator and will communicate more often!

Sergio Helms
281 844 8321

See You in Houston 2022.

Past Reunions

1993 Orlando FL » Steve Hayduk/Pat Cahill
1995 Las Vegas NV » Stan Steenbock
1997 Washington DC Oct 10 - 12 » Steve Hayduk/Pat Cahill
1999 Nashville TN Oct 15 - 17 » Steve Hayduk/Pat Cahill/Hugh Smith
2001 Las Vegas NV Sep 20 - 23 » Joe Sottile
2003 Houston TX (Leaque City, TX) Sep 26 - 28 » Joe & Sharon Pagan
2005 Long Island, NY Sep 01 - 04 » Steve Hayduk
2007 Dayton OH Sep 28 - 30 » John & Kathy Horton
2009 Colorado Springs CO Sep 24 - 26 » Fred & Wendy Lamp
2011 Memphis TN (Olive Branch, MS) Aug 26 - 28 » David Garner
2013 Rochester/Buffalo NY (Batavia, NY) Aug 22 - 25 » Charlie & Kim Nesbitt
2015 Possum Kingdom Lake TX Aug 28 - 30 » Jim & Nikki McKenzie
2017 Las Vegas NV Oct 16 - 20 » Stan Steenbock, Joe Sottile
2019 Minneapolis Minnesota September 12 - 15 » Bob & Candy Madich, Jim & Patty Carriere
1993 Orlando FL-Steve Hayduk/Pat Cahill
1995 Las Vegas NV-Stan Steenbock
1997 Washington DC-S. Hayduk/P. Cahill
1999 Nashville TN-Hayduk/Cahill/H. Smith
2001 Las Vegas NV-Joe Sottile
2003 Leaque City TX-Joe & Sharon Pagan
2005 Long Island NY-Steve Hayduk
2007 Dayton OH-John & Kathy Horton
2009 Colorado Springs CO-Fred-Wendy Lamp
2011 Memphis TN-David Garner
2013 Batavia NY-Charlie & Kim Nesbitt
2015 Possum Kingdom TX-J-N. McKenzie
2017 Las Vegas NV-S. Steenbock, J. Sottile
2019 Minneapolis Mn-BC. Madich, JP. Carriere
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