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Dec 13 2019
Name:George Reischling
Unit: 25th Infantry Division-93rd Ev
Location: Rutledge,Tennessee
"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" Between mortars, rockets, RPGs, booby traps and bullets, there was no safe place in for a soldier in Vietnam. Remember your Christmas in the Nam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. 25th Infantry Division-3/22nd Battalion, Tay Ninh, Vietnam-We may have served in different units in different AOs but our mission was the same! -Courage on the Mountain- Free to Amazon Prime members- Over one hundred 5 star reviews- courageonthemountain.com Glad that you made it home brother! George Reischling courageonthemountain.com greischling@hotmail.com
Dec 05 2019
Name:Charles Downes
Location: Los Angeles CA
I have for sale Gladiator caps, details of which are posted on the 57th AHC page on FaceBook. $25 each, plus postage. Purchase 2 or more, free shipping.
Oct 27 2019
Name:James Forshee
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Sorry guys I missed the reunion, I was having back ablation the day it started. I really hared that I missed it because I had a lot to say to all of you. I was reading on line about the distinguish flying cross. My first thought was that in my opinion all crews of the 57th deserved to be awarded this. It was an Honor to serve with all of you even if it was for 6 months.
Oct 24 2019
Name:stan steenbock
how is every one doing
Oct 16 2019
Name:Timothy Bryan
Location: Ft. McCoy . fl.
It's good to to see how y'all doing. Missed reunion due to getting married. But I love it. Bless each and every one !!!
Oct 15 2019
Name:Jim Carriere
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: North Dakota
To you All who attended the reunion, Patty made up some hard cover 14th Gladiator Reunion booklets. If you desire to purchase them, the cost with shipping will be $70. No profit is made off them. They will be sent directly from printing company to you. ETA 7 days. Send requests with to my e-mail or Patty’s . Pattycarrriere@me.com Kind of neat..The Vietnam Wall and Uff-dah on front. Checks made out to her. Patty Carriere 2917 35 1/2 Court Ave. south Fargo,ND Thank you all for making the Reunion a success. 9 new people attended. We couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s keep the Spirit going! 2021 will creep up on us quickly. Houston- Sergio & Diana Helms.
Oct 12 2019
Name:Ernie Buenafe
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Santa Fe, NM
James Riemer, your response has jarred my memory. I believe the unit I was assigned prior to transfer to the 57th was the 189th. If so, it was the company I entered the country with from stateside Ft Carson, CO.
Sep 23 2019
Name:Ted Kearns
Thanks Jim and Patti for a truly great reunion. I understand that the next reunion will be in Houston. I lived in Dickinson for three years while serving at the COE Galveston District Corps of Engineers (COE). Will get to see if my house survived the hurricanes .
Sep 21 2019
Name:Bill Little
Unit: Cougars and 1st Plt
Location: Huntington Beach, Ca
Really enjoyed the reunion and seeing my old friends once again! Thanks to the hosts and Patti for her wonderful painting, of which I won one! My heart will always hold the 57th closely and dearly! God Bless and protect all of you guys...
Sep 18 2019
Name:Christopher Perrien
Unit: 77th Armor Regiment 85-89
Location: Mississippi
My god-father was Arthur Papale , lost Feb 69. Thank you for some of the detail's/info about his death. My father , was Arthur's best friend since they were little kids and also a helicopter pilot in Nam. He came back, "mostly", Arthur did not.
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