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unit patch November 03 2020
Name: Paul Sonier
Unit: 57th AHC/189thAHC
Location: Visalia,CA
Comment: Can anyone provide me contact information for Dean Smith?

unit patch October 06 2020
Name: Timothy Bryan
Unit: 57th
Location: Fort McCoy
Comment: just wishing everyone the best, hope all is well.

unit patch October 03 2020
Name: jerry huffman
Unit: 57th ahc
Location: watauga tx
Comment: has andy one heard anything about david garner the last i heard was he was in bad shape

unit patch August 20 2020
Name: Frank Brandt
Unit: 57th
Location: Tacoma
Comment: Please add to roster Door gunner Frank Fantacone (1970 yearbook pg 52)Frank passed in 2013.Great guy.He should be on roster. PS:Hope life has been good for all the Gladiator's still kicking!

August 20 2020
Name: Richard Billings
Unit: 1st/501st Infantry 101st Airbo
Location: Hanford
Comment: Just a shout out to tell you guys I love you

unit patch August 15 2020
Name: Doug Anderson
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Royal Oaks, CA
Comment: Aug 70 - Aug 71. I still wear the “CCC” patch on my flight jacket.

unit patch June 27 2020
Unit: 57th
Location: Sturbridge, MA
Comment: Brian Michael mentioned many men who we had the honor to serve with and a great honor it was.

April 28 2020
Name: Joe Billings
Unit: 57 AHC 67 68
Location: North Port FL.
Comment: This is a after action Myself Bob Worrell,John Horton, Dave Hickey,spent our second tour of duty on Vietnam form Fab.12 to the 26 all went well and we made it home alive.

unit patch April 17 2020
Name: Steven Abel
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Newport News, VA
Comment: Looking for contact info for person who was on the east bunker during first night of TET. We manned the M60 all night. I remember his first name was Ray and was from NY. We were friends until we went home. Can't remember his last name.

unit patch April 14 2020
Name: Samuel Moore
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Garrison, ND
Comment: One of our own gets some well-deserved recognition. Twirly Birds Announce 2020 Les Morris Award recipient, Steve Sullivan. Can not post the URL for this award, but, check our Facebook page for a link to the award. Well Done and Well Deserved Steve.

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