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October 16 2019
Name: Timothy Bryan
Location: Ft. McCoy . fl.
Comment: It's good to to see how y'all doing. Missed reunion due to getting married. But I love it. Bless each and every one !!!

unit patch October 15 2019
Name: Jim Carriere
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: North Dakota
Comment: To you All who attended the reunion, Patty made up some hard cover 14th Gladiator Reunion booklets. If you desire to purchase them, the cost with shipping will be $70. No profit is made off them. They will be sent directly from printing company to you. ETA 7 days. Send requests with to my e-mail or Patty's . Kind of neat..The Vietnam Wall and Uff-dah on front. Checks made out to her. Patty Carriere 2917 35 1/2 Court Ave. south Fargo,ND Thank you all for making the Reunion a success. 9 new people attended. We couldn't have done it without you. Let's keep the Spirit going! 2021 will creep up on us quickly. Houston- Sergio & Diana Helms.

unit patch October 12 2019
Name: Ernie Buenafe
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Comment: James Riemer, your response has jarred my memory. I believe the unit I was assigned prior to transfer to the 57th was the 189th. If so, it was the company I entered the country with from stateside Ft Carson, CO.

September 23 2019
Name: Ted Kearns
Comment: Thanks Jim and Patti for a truly great reunion. I understand that the next reunion will be in Houston. I lived in Dickinson for three years while serving at the COE Galveston District Corps of Engineers (COE). Will get to see if my house survived the hurricanes .

September 21 2019
Name: Bill Little
Unit: Cougars and 1st Plt
Location: Huntington Beach, Ca
Comment: Really enjoyed the reunion and seeing my old friends once again! Thanks to the hosts and Patti for her wonderful painting, of which I won one! My heart will always hold the 57th closely and dearly! God Bless and protect all of you guys...

unit patch September 18 2019
Name: Christopher Perrien
Unit: 77th Armor Regiment 85-89
Location: Mississippi
Comment: My god-father was Arthur Papale , lost Feb 69. Thank you for some of the detail's/info about his death. My father , was Arthur's best friend since they were little kids and also a helicopter pilot in Nam. He came back, "mostly", Arthur did not.

unit patch August 21 2019
Name: Mark Oury
Unit: 170th AHC
Location: Texas
Comment: I met Gary Neely today. We talked a short time about our time in the Central Highlands. We both had the same mission around 1970-71, just different units.

August 12 2019
Name: ted Kearns
Location: plattevillle WI
Comment: what is the agenda for the reunion?

August 06 2019
Name: Gary Neely
Location: Tx
Comment: Planning to come to the reunion

unit patch July 28 2019
Name: Charles D Winters
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Georgia
Comment: Looking for some buddies that I served with in the 57th back at Ft Bragg/Vietnam 1967-68

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