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September 12 - 15, 2019

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Jul 23 2018
Name:Dani Williams
Location: Australia
In addition, the 1h, the Boxcars , should be listed as an Assault Support Helicopter Company, NOT Air Support .
Jul 08 2018
Name:Ron Frigstad
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Fargo, ND
------------ FREE AIRSHOW TICKETS -------------- I have 6 general admission tickets plus 2 parking passes for the "Thunder Over Michigan" Air Show held on the 25th and 26th of August, 2018 at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michican. I have a prior commitment that prevents me from attending the show. I will send my complete ticket package to the first Gladiator that emails me. The USAF Thunderbirds will be at the show. YankeeAirMuseum.org for info regarding the AirShow.
Jun 25 2018
Name:Juan J. Diaz
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Central Highlands
My daughter found this site for me today. It brought back some very difficult memories. I was in Country from 67-68. Thank you,for the trip down memory lane.
Jun 13 2018
Name:Scott Mandell
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Seattle, Wa
Been quite a while since I visited the 57th AHC web site. It is good to see it active and well-cared for. I was with 57th in 71-72. It was good to see that photo of 4Balls, as someone else mentioned. It's weird to feel like I'd go back to that time of life in a flash, if given the choice. I feel like I could do a better job now.
May 30 2018
Name:Curtis L Koonce
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: North Carolina
I served in Nam from 72-73 at Camp Holloway. Worked in the helicopter supply at the hanger. Didn't know this site existed until a few months ago. Didn't see any names that I knew. Looked at the yearbook and brought back memories. Thank God for good things.
May 11 2018
Name:CJ Unruh
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: An Khe / Pleiku 70 - 71
Just read in the VHPA Aviator Newsletter, Cpt. Bobby Ross passed away on March 5, 2018. His call sign was Gladiator 16 / Gladiator 3. Was with the Gladiators 69-70.
Mar 23 2018
Name:Jim Miller
Unit: 57th AHC 72-73
Location: OHIO
I periodically check this site for my close friends that knew me, hoping that they are still alive. If they are, I wish you well, if not, rest in peace my brothers. Jim
Feb 23 2018
Name:gregory coleridge
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: anka plieku
Thanks that pic of 4 balls in the hanger brought back some fine memories. Love what you do. Keep it up. And never forget!
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