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57th Assault Helicopter Co.
57th AHC
Gladiators - Cougars

Wall of Honor

January 10 Loyde D Armor google-maps-icon SP4 Broseley MO
January 10 Thomas Carpenter Jr. google-maps-icon SP4 Tuscaloosa AL
January 10 Richard D Devine Jr. google-maps-icon PFC Saugus MA
January 10 Andres A Gomez google-maps-icon PFC Anaheim CA
January 10 Robert W Muncy google-maps-icon SP4 Hydro OK
January 10 Robert Pfeister google-maps-icon SP4 Louisville KY
February 19 Melvin C Dye2 google-maps-icon SSG Carleton MI
February 19 Robert S Griffith2 google-maps-icon SSG Hapeville GA
February 29 John W Cook google-maps-icon WO1 Long Beach CA
July 11 Gene E Fecteau google-maps-icon PVT Wallingford CT
February 16 Larry M Alcos google-maps-icon SP4 Waipahu HI
February 16 Rick A Oliver google-maps-icon SP4 Chula Vista CA
February 16 Arthur L Papale google-maps-icon WO1 Biloxi MS
February 16 Normand P Perron google-maps-icon WO1 Glen Burine MD
March 11 Charles D Rogers3 google-maps-icon CPT Monroe NC
April 01 Alvin L Gay google-maps-icon SP4 Springville UT
July 27 Eric E Berquist google-maps-icon WO1 Houston TX
July 27 James A Carr google-maps-icon 1LT Dublin OH
July 27 Jerry R Dees google-maps-icon PFC Phoenix AZ
July 27 Thomas A Hinson google-maps-icon SP4 Houston TX
August 17 Carl C Bates Jr. SP4 Fort Smith AR
September 27 John N Huntley1 google-maps-icon PFC Portland ME
October 28 John H Whittington google-maps-icon WO1 Baltimore MD
November 12 Freddie N Haynes google-maps-icon SP4 Vicksburg MS
December 06 Rolland L Durflinger google-maps-icon PFC Watseka IL
December 06 Charles E Ferrell google-maps-icon CPT Lawton OK
December 06 Peter K Miranda google-maps-icon SP5 Holloman AFB NM
December 06 Philip J Schrock google-maps-icon 1LT Southgate MI
December 22 Donald D Burris Jr.1 google-maps-icon CW2 Wayne PA
December 22 James E Kennedy1 google-maps-icon SSG Pine Hill NJ
November 22 Jeffrey A Coffin WO1 Flagstaff AZ
January 05 Larry O Harden google-maps-icon SP4 Belle Verdon PA
January 05 Douglas B Kent google-maps-icon SGT West Covina CA
January 05 John W Lynch III google-maps-icon WO1 Northridge CA
February 01 Keith M Jackson CW2 Cresskill NJ
July 24 Marvin B Stuart Jr. google-maps-icon SP4 Williamson WV
March 27 Edward P Wong Jr.1 google-maps-icon SSG Oakland CA
March 27 Larry J Woods google-maps-icon CW2 Rancho Cordova CA
April 24 Wade L Ellen1 google-maps-icon WO1 Norfolk VA
April 24 James E Hunsicker1 google-maps-icon 1LT Denver PA
April 24 Johnny M Jones1 google-maps-icon 1LT Auburn AL
May 25 Gary B Farris google-maps-icon 1LT Shawnee OK
June 02 Joe W Eubanks google-maps-icon CPT Concord NC
October 16 James D Dugger Jr google-maps-icon 1LT Pottstown PA

1Body not returned

2Remains returned

3Serving with another unit at time of death

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52nd brigade patch
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