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unit patch March 11 2019
Name: Ken Walls
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Kontum
Comment: Vida and I plan on attending the 2019 reunion and have already made hotel reservations.

unit patch February 20 2019
Name: RE: Darris Miller
Unit: 57th AHC
Comment: Recently found out my deceased father SP4 Darris Miller was a part of this company. I found him on the yearbook titled: 1970-71 52nd CAB - 57th AHC. I am wondering if anyone had any memories to share or if there is a resource to find out what kind of missions he was involved in, thanks. Contact

unit patch February 18 2019
Name: Ron Frigstad
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Fargo, ND
Comment: February 2019 issue of American Rifleman has an article on p. 44 by Major John Plaster regarding the CAR-15. It uses a photo of a SOG extraction by a 57th slick on the opening page. The same photo is on page 180 of Plaster's "SOG A Photo History of the Secret Wars"

Admin: Thanks for sharing!

unit patch February 05 2019
Name: Earl Forshee
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: 844 Yuma Circle, Bowling Green, Ky
Comment: I talked to Darrell Anthony for about 2 hours this morning and it really felt good to talk to someone that was there when the 57th was first organized. It a lot different than talking to someone that had no clue what your talking about. Still would like to hear from other gladiators.

unit patch January 31 2019
Name: Arthur Chavez
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Kontum
Comment: Looking forward to attending this year.

unit patch January 26 2019
Name: Bob Tobey
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Presently, MA
Comment: Earl, A very complimentary observation .....Thank You!! From an "original" ......'67 - '68. It was and is still quite a family. See you at the reunion, hopefully.

unit patch January 24 2019
Name: Earl Forshee
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Comment: I came to the57th. in August of 68 from the 48th AHC. We never saw any action in their compound. So when I was derosed to the 57th it was a different story. The enlisted and Officers were a tighter group. The 57th answered any and all calls. I remember Gilbert king and some of the others that came from the 48th. All Gladiators were the best of the best.

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