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August 06 2019
Name: Gary Neely
Location: Tx
Comment: Planning to come to the reunion

unit patch July 28 2019
Name: Charles D Winters
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Georgia
Comment: Looking for some buddies that I served with in the 57th back at Ft Bragg/Vietnam 1967-68

unit patch July 20 2019
Name: Jim Carriere
Unit: 57th AHC CrewChief -gunner
Location: Fargo
Comment: If you haven't received a registration packet, by some chance, write me and I will send you one. Time is getting closer to our 57th AHC Reunion September 12-15. If you want to inquire if a friend of yours is signed up for the reunion ..e-mail me and I will disclose that information if that helps you decide . This is our 14th 57th AHC Gladiator Reunion Jim Carriere( Host) 2019 Reunion

July 17 2019
Name: Ron Frigstad
Location: Fargo
Comment: ------------ FREE AIRSHOW TICKETS -------------- I have 6 general admission tickets plus 2 parking passes for the "Thunder Over Michigan" Air Show held on the 3rd and 4th of August, 2019 at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michican. I have a prior commitment that prevents me from attending the show. I will send my complete ticket package to the first Gladiator that emails me. for info regarding the AirShow.

unit patch July 09 2019
Name: James Riemer
Unit: 189th AHC, Pleiku.1967-68
Location: Cumberland WI
Comment: Ernie Buenafe. Welcome home from the 189th AHC. Seen your encryption in the guestbook on that fateful day in Jan/68. So glad you're amongst us. Jim Riemer, 1st Airlift crew chief

July 04 2019
Name: jerry huffman
Location: ft. worth tx
Comment: have a safe 4th of july

unit patch July 02 2019
Name: James Munford
Unit: 170th AHC
Location: Jax, FL
Comment: Was wondering if anyone knew Charles E. Renkvish. Charlie & I traveled to RVN together in March of '69, all the way to Holloway at Pleiku. I stayed at Holloway with the 170th & Charlie went on to Kontum & the 57th. Charlie was WIA & I was informed he was @ field hosp. at Pleiku AFB over the company freq. & we sat down at the AFB & I got to see Charlie. He had a GSW/leg. Left? CRS. Sadly it turned out to be the last time I saw Charlie. Sadly, 57th yearbooks start at 1970. Charlie was class of '69. Anybody know Charlie, his ship's tail number, etc.?

June 28 2019
Name: lavell r sims
Location: mechanics burg pa
Comment: I was with the 57th ahc from 19-70 to 19 71 kumtum the air force had a run way next to our compound the 119 th ahc was next door to our company we lost a lot of good people in both of those units.I was proud to have served in the 57th ahc

June 26 2019
Name: Jerry Audiss
Location: Enterprise, Al
Comment: Just sent my reg for the reunion so planning to attend

unit patch June 22 2019
Name: Jerry Audiss
Unit: 57th
Location: Enterprise, Al
Comment: Just checking in, received the reunion regs today so thought I'd look at the site

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