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unit patch October 22 2006
Name: ken wallace
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: atl ga
Comment: just stopped by to see who has been here

unit patch October 13 2006
Name: Joel Garb
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Benton Harbor, Michigan
Comment: Served in dispensary Nov 68 to Aug 69. Missing you guys: Gary Zuber, Bird, Poncho, Franklin, Do Thi Thup and all. Still have color pictures of the hangar burning.

SITE ADMINISTRATOR: Joel, it would be great if you have those pics in a digital format for sharing in the Photo Gallery :) Thanks, Artie

unit patch October 06 2006
Name: Tom Wolinski
Unit: 57th AHC, Gunner
Location: NY
Comment: Paul Hoovler is home and doing well. Thank you all for your support. And thank you web master for allowing this message.

unit patch September 24 2006
Name: Tom Wolinski
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: NY
Comment: ATTENTION!!!!! For all of you who knew him, PAUL HOOVLER is in the Albany, New York, VA Hosp. They believe he had a stroke? I spoke to him tonight and he seems to be in good spirits and still has that same sense of humor he had while in the 57th. Paul was an original from Ft. Bragg and was my crew chief on guns in Vietnam for a time. Paul said he would appreciate calls from you guys to brighten up his day. His telephone number is 1-(518)626-7144.

SITE ADMINISTRATOR: While I understand your concern in getting this information out, in the future I would appreciate it if you would use the Forum on this site for such comments and leave the Guestbook for casual comments from infrequent guest....Thanks, Artie

September 20 2006
Name: t.bryan
Comment: hello glen hows life?

unit patch September 17 2006
Name: Glenn R. Miller
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Willow Lake, South Dakota
Comment: Really appreciate the work you've done! Arrived Camp Holloway January, 1972, assigned to 57th. Door gunner-crew chief until December, 1972. Thanks Gladiators!

unit patch September 17 2006
Name: Jim Demumbreum
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Charleston, S.C.
Comment: Served with 57th June71/Mar72

unit patch September 13 2006
Name: Kenneth Thornton
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Wichita Falls, Texas
Comment: Trying to find WO2 Richard Shumate and SPC 4 Ben Johnson and any of the men I served with

unit patch September 11 2006
Name: Buddy Dismang
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana
Comment: Welcome home, I served with the 57th from Dec '68 to Dec '69 as the Flight Operations Specialist. I would have come in contact with almost everyone who served with the unit at that time. Would like to hear from anyone who served in the 57th during that time. Any photos or memories you have that you would like to share would be appreciated. Some gave me the nickname of "Dizzy" if that helps you remember me. Great site, keep up the good work.

unit patch September 02 2006
Name: Jesse Blanco
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Comment: Checking in again. 57th Apr - July 72 and 17th CAG Aug - Feb 73. One of the last five people to leave Holloway. Went to VHPA reunion this year and had a great time! Looking forward to attending the 57th reunion in Ohio next year.

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