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unit patch March 20 2007
Name: John Ross
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: San Antonio
Comment: 57th AHC Aug 5 72 to Feb 1 73. Crewchief 70-15841 and then 835. Never forget Lt. James Dugger or Spec 5 James Craig... or any of the others.

unit patch March 19 2007
Name: Dave Sproat
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Chapman, Kansas
Comment: Member of the "fantastic four" armament section, cougar guns 1971-1972. Hi to Geigle, Banks, Ski, and Davis.

unit patch March 12 2007
Name: Craig Collier
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Pensacola Beach
Comment: Am doing so research and need some info: 1. Does anyone have current contact info on 68-69 57th Pilots: WO Carl Hoeck, CPT Quinn, CPT Ed Gast? 2. Anyone know who was crewing/gunner on the 2nd Plt string bird 15Nov68 that the FOB Lt fell from our strings coming back from Laos in the storm?

unit patch February 05 2007
Name: steve nunn
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: texas
Comment: hey ya'll good site brings back lots of memories i was crew chief on witchdoctor recovery in 72' keep up the good work

February 01 2007
Name: Dennis M. Johnson
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Comment: After perusing the 1971 online yearbook, it brought back memories of looking at it as a kid. Numerous pictures of my dad, CPT Gary Johnson, aka Cougar 35. Also remember several other faces from being an army brat, especially Jerry Audiss. Hope to hear from anyone with stories of my dad soon. Thanks

January 31 2007
Name: Dennis M. Johnson
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Comment: Gentlemen, I am the son of CPT Gary Johnson, formerly "Cougar 35" of this unit. He was a cobra pilot I believe in 72-73, and I have an audio cassette of a mission he flew 22 Dec 73. He sadly was killed in an OH-58 crash at Ft Bragg in 1977. I am looking to hear from any of you that knew him and would have stories to regale me with about him. I was only 13 when he died, so I really didn\'t get to know all of his tales and actions. Please, if anyone knew him, drop me a line. Thanks

unit patch January 08 2007
Name: Melvin L. Campbell
Unit: 57th AHC and 170th AHC
Location: McCook, NE
Comment: Good site but you got a couple things lacking on me. MI is L. not I. I was with the Gladiators From 3/69 to 8/69. I was sent to Pleiku on a DEROS shuffle. Keep up the good work and greetings from Alaska where I am still flying. Mel Campbell

unit patch January 05 2007
Name: Steve Darling
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Granite Falls, Washington
Comment: Served in Anke and Pleiku from 70-72. Doorgunner. Anyone remember Keith Jacksonm CW2, pilot killed flying FOB, I was with him in tri border area flying the 5th special forces recon mission when we got shot down.Two crashes in 3 week period. Ended up in the mail room. Happy to see new website, looks great.

unit patch December 16 2006
Name: Tom Wolinski
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Comment: SITE ADMINISTRATOR: While I understand your concern in getting this information out, in the future I would appreciate it if you would use the Forum on this site for such comments and leave the Guestbook for casual comments from infrequent guest....Thanks, Artie TO: SITE ADMINISTRATOR: I have noticed that no one has posted here for quite some time. Perhaps you should reconsider. Thank you.

unit patch October 22 2006
Name: Joe Murphy
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Saugus Ma
Comment: 57th from Jul70 to Jul71,2nd Flt Plt-448

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