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March 18 2009
Name: R.L. Greene, Sr
Location: Hunters WA
Comment: Will some one please tell me how I can renew my membership.

unit patch March 15 2009
Name: James L. Musso (Jim)
Unit: Infantry/Motars
Location: New Orleans, LA
Comment: I would like to communicate with anyone I served with in 1970 at Camp Holloway. I was a Motar man from the base camp as well as around the perimeter. Please see the yearbook.

unit patch March 11 2009
Name: Robert Shunkweiler
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: West Palm Beach, FLA
Comment: Pity you don't have 1970 yearbook, because you'd find me in it as SP4 Supply Clerk. Wasn't in Flight, so I'm not a Gladiator, right?

unit patch March 06 2009
Name: Bruce Bramblett
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Athens, Georgia
Comment: Was a pilot (slick) from Aug 1970- Mar 1971 when I was reassigned to the 92nd Assault Helicopter Company. Roomed with Jerry Sept and later Dave Zindroski

March 04 2009
Name: Jerry Berry
Unit: 3-506th Abn. Inf., 101st Airbo
Location: Libby, Montana
Comment: I am searching for any crewmembers that participated in the Cambodian Operation in May 1970. I am writing a book about the 4th ID's operation, which my battalion participated. If you participated, especially in the May 5 and 6 insertions, which resulted in a number of helicopters getting shot down or damaged, please respond. I would like to include your recollections in the book. I am currently communicating with pilots and crew from the 92nd AHC. Thank you. Jerry in Montana

unit patch March 02 2009
Name: William M. Cope
Unit: 57th AHC, RVN
Location: Escondido, CA
Comment: I was a slick pilot (1LT) with the 57th AHC Gladiators in Pleiku between October 1971 and March 1972. I transferred in from the 192nd AHC Polecats of Phan Rang, and later Dong Ba Thin, which stood down in late 1971.

unit patch February 17 2009
Name: Philip Donhauser
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Lee, NH
Comment: Transfered to the 57th gun platoon from the 189th AHC around May 67, Drove 2 1/2 ton trucks daily for a month between Pleiku and Kontum with supplies until arrival of ships. Served as crewchief in the gun platoon until March of 68. Memories are still fresh after so many years.

February 14 2009
Name: Ira W. Kelly
Unit: 57thAviation Co.
Location: Fairlea, W.V.
Comment: I was with thh 57th Aviation Company when we built up in Ft. Brag, NC in 1966 and then went to Kontoom VN.I was DEROS shuffled to Pleako 119th AHC. My best friend Lloyd Armor was killed in Kontom.He was a sheet metel man. God Bless all of you.

unit patch February 09 2009
Name: Bill Little
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Cypress, Ca.
Comment: Very distressed about the loss of Dennis Sinclair; I spent most of the dark morning hours of January 30, 1968 in a foxhole with Dennis; we were near the front gate, not far from the TOC. I was wounded later after sunrise. Dennis helped calm me down and focus as best I could since I'd only been in Kontum for several days and in Nam since January 20th.

unit patch January 23 2009
Name: roger godin
Unit: 57th ahc
Location: lebanon maine

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