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unit patch August 08 2009
Name: Terence Lee Parker
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Tampa, FL
Comment: It's been along time. I was a door gunner from the end of march to early July. I was a volunteer, from the hanger. Am now working at the James A Haley hospital in Tampa.

August 04 2009
Name: Terry Miller
Unit: B Troop 7/17th Air Cav
Location: Claremore, Oklahoma
Comment: Cobra Gunsmith from Aug 71-Apr 72. Pish Posh

June 29 2009
Name: Kevin Stancer
Unit: Gladiators
Comment: Looking for Irwin Baeder from Bronx, NY Call me at 1-620-768-9108 or send E-mail

June 21 2009
Name: Bill Kelbaugh
Unit: 48 AHC BlueStars
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Comment: I was driving past the Susanville, Ca airport today and saw a Huey on a stick. It had no tail # but on the door post behind the a/c's seat I got the number 66-16374. It showed up as being one of yours. Looks like it might need logo, etc. I took a couple of photos and will send them if you want.

June 16 2009
Name: Rollin
Unit: 173rd Abn. Bde - MP platoon
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Comment: I was at Kontum Jan 10 1968. I have photos if somebody needs them for site

unit patch June 05 2009
Name: Tommy Webb
Unit: 57th Assault Helicopter Co
Location: Jackson Tn
Comment: I was with the 57th 1971-72 didn,t start flying until last few month Smity was my crew chief. Zak and Clover were good friends.Both came to vist but I lost track

unit patch May 12 2009
Name: Thomas E. Worswick
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Phoenix AZ
Comment: To all my brothers that were there HELLO, I am also looking for anybody that was in the unit druning June 71- June 72.

unit patch April 16 2009
Name: last crew chief of 167
Unit: 57th
Comment: any one rember the golf course in laos i have pictures also of dollar lake

unit patch April 12 2009
Name: last crew chief of 167
Unit: 57th ahc
Comment: been a long time

unit patch April 02 2009
Name: Pete Robinson
Unit: 57th AHC
Location: Sidney, NY
Comment: I was there for a very short period of time Jan - March '73. But I learned a lot more about flying in that short period of time than I ever did in flight school. Clover, Orahood, Bortnyk... Are you still out there?

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